Monday, October 4, 2010

Georgia on my mind

not really

But I do have other things on my mind this morning.

Why did I spend all that time cleaning yesterday instead of finishing my preparations for our first day of school?

Why didn't I get up til 7:15 when my alarm went off at 5:30?

What will this school year be like? hard? easy? stressful? fun? enjoyable? monumental? etched in my children's memory as the year mom completely lost her marbles? (halfway joking about the last)

What will this pumpkin bread taste like?

What songs should I sing on this CD? (going in studio this Saturday)

What do I name this CD?

What was I thinking booking a photographer to take pictures of me for this CD?

What was I thinking booking a studio to even do this CD?

What do I wear for this photo shoot?

What if I pay all this money to make this CD and no one buys it?

What if people buy it and are disappointed with it?

Why is this so weird and uncomfortable for me to even type?

Wonder if the rain will clear long enough for a walk this afternoon? if not, do I go to the gym?

Should I take back the black sweater I bought since I found a black jacket I like better?

Where did the 40 brand new school pencils go that were just in the pencil holder a month ago?

How can my children, who are getting so old, be so huggable, lovable, and squeezable first thing in the morning?

Yeap, may not be Georgia, but plenty on my mind today.

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