Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the little things

Isn't it?

They just come up out of the tall grass and bite ya!


They just appear in the sky with their unmistakable arch and color and make you sigh with appreciation of God's promises!

Which little things are gettin' at ya these days?

Little goods?


Little bads?

I snap at my kids for repeating little bads that I allowed my television to teach them.

I snap at my hubs for a little bad that makes me go from calm & cool to boiling blood in 2.2 seconds.

I lose my focus and complain for little bads that are laying around the house after I've worked to rid it of clutter.

I sink into a state of obsessive "what if" thoughts over a little bad from a close friend.

Why are theses little bads playing such a big part in the game of my life?

And why am I so stinkin' slow to notice, to see, to appreciate, the little goods?

I want to evaluate less and enjoy more, ya know?

These little goods are being passed up, they are being ignored, they are being overshadowed.

By what?

Not just by little bads. Nope.

By my flesh who is hungry for bad.

Oh Christ, I pray you'll continue to crucify my flesh so that my hunger for good cannot be satisfied.

Sure, I let plenty of little bads go, but plenty more are the goods that do not receive my attention. And there is a difference, because sometimes I shouldn't let the bads go. They are foxes after the vineyard, as the Song of Solomon says, and some little things must be discussed, sorted through, and resolved.

But there are times to rest in misunderstanding, when the fox has done his damage, and the fruit is lost. This is when I pray God will make me more sensitive to the goods.

Today I shall look for the goods. I shall pray for eyes that see the goods. I shall pray for ears that hear the goods, a mouth that offers up the goods, fingers that type out the goods...After all, when I started this blog, my hope was that writing would help me appreciate. I pray today it helps you, too.

1 comment:

  1. I agree Jamie. I have started purposely looking for the 'little things' in my days and it's made such a difference. I am so much more grateful for the good, and learning to dismiss and not focus on the little bads. I think that making a big deal out of some little things turns them into big things. It brings even more unwanted attention to an area you are wanting to disappear.

    With that said, of course some things are worth making a big deal over. It takes some prayer to know the difference, and I quite often miss the mark in this area; making a big deal over stupid things and letting the bigger things slip by when I should have said something. I'm learning though.

    I just know that many of my friendships have been ruined by harsh judgments, both towards me and from me. I thank you for this reminder to "let it go" sometimes. It's not worth the damage done.