Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stop it with the funny stuff already!

Now, those who know me personally are very aware that I find life to be quite comical, and I enjoy being goofy. But I must confess, I am starting to question my desire to turn everything into a joke.

I have been expressing my need for conversation with Greg that isn't one big joke for about a year now. But since my surgery Friday, I have been reminded how much my husband and I communicate through humor alone. Now, let me say this, when you are in terrible pain and you are having to have someone help you to even take a're not in the mood for laughter. Yet, Greg couldn't help but crack jokes the entire time he was coaching me to walk on my crutches. To laugh was painful, yet he didn't understand I needed him to be serious and to quit saying, "Good girl, there you go, you can do it, good girl." - in a voice that he uses to talk to our dog.

Let me be clear, this comical behavior isn't ever present with just my husband. My parents and sisters have commented for years at how my children find EVERYTHING funny.

I wander why.

Could it be that we make everything funny?

I believe that laughter has a place in the world. I'm not saying we should go through our lives concerning ourselves with only serious matters and glaring down at those around us who are taking time to enjoy themselves by kicking back and sharing something amusing from their day, but where do we draw the line?

I can remember back when Bob Sagget was the host of America's Funniest Videos. Granted, he wasn't the best host in the world, and he didn't always make you laugh along with him, but it was definitely a show that I could have watched with my parents without blushing.

However, I cannot say that now.

I can't even watch this show with my children! It has turned into a miniature version of MTV's hit show that shows grown men inflicting pain on one another for laughs!

I cannot tell you how many times we have turned it on, watched a few minutes, and then had to change it for something off color. Or we've seen something that just simply wasn't funny, it was dangerous, or sad, or just disturbing! And take note, the show comes on ABC's Family Chanel.

Is God pleased with me when I choose to laugh at something that simply ISN'T worthy of my laughter?

I honestly feel that I spend a lot of time throughout my days trying to reverse character traits in my children that I ignorantly helped form in their early years.

We teach them to talk, right? We teach them words. We teach them that words are used to make sentences. But do we really stop and explain that those words and sentences are a gift from God to be used for what is right, what is true, and not for what is foolish?

I read an article in a publication that I receive from "No Greater Joy" Ministries back in the summer that talked about silly boys. It focused on how we are allowing our young men to get lost in their childhood rather than growing into their manhood by encouraging their immature behaviors. Especially us mamas who just relish in our little boy's cute antics.

I am on a mission to be just a tad bit more sober minded.

I would like to have children that can stand still or sit still when asked.

I would like to have children that are able to control their desire to pick at each other.

But I first must have children who have parents who are able to do the same.


  1. good thoughts, jamie. i think i understand what you mean. a lot of times, our family uses sarcasm as a way of communicating and that often isn't healthy. but my hubs and i have always communicated using humor mixed in with the serious stuff. it has helped to curb many an argument and silly disagreement. i agree that teaching kids how to use humor appropriately is important. it's actually giving them a great gift, if you think about it. it can be such a way to put people at ease and relate to others, if it's in good taste.

    here is a blog post that i remembered reading a while back from someone i respect. she also links to a sermon/lecture from a really great speaker that we like about humor. if you have time to check it out, and give the lecture a listen, you might be encouraged and get some more insight and helpful reflection on the matter!

  2. thank you - I will probably be able to find time in my busy life to check it out!! I think we need to find that healthy mix...we honestly stay on the sarcastic, jabbing & joking side more than anything...thus why I may just try to be a TAD BIT more sober minded!!