Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This just happened about 10 minutes ago.

Ethan was sent into the kitchen to get me a bowl for me to use to brush my teeth here on the couch after dinner.

He couldn't reach, and asked his dad to help him.

His dad jokingly demanded, "Boy, you best hurry up and grow if you're gonna help out with your mom."

Ethan responded, "Geez...I only have 2 million ovaries!"

You see, we bought a book at Sams last week that has pictures and detailed descriptions of the body, complete with the purpose of all of our organs.

We saw a TV show that had a boy who was a dwarf on it and Ethan said," I know why he is a dwarf, his ovaries aren't working."

On the part where it explains the way we grow, it shows a picture of ovaries and explains that they release hormones that make girls grow. Ethan had skipped the whole girl part and didn't keep reading where it explained that boys have testes.

I thought this was worth writing about.


  1. yikes...left unattended, that could have gotten messy!! Ha!
    i loved the picture you painted of my future guitar lessons!! i can't wait!!

  2. I know right, it is a children's book and skips the whole reproductive organs & system part, it only mentions the ovaries and testes in the part about growing, but I guess that was enough to be incredibly funny!