Monday, November 15, 2010

How was lunch?

I had an extra child at the table when we set down to school today. For those who find they relate to this, I share your joy in being able to school a, shall we call them, a free spirit?
Ah, my Emma. Anyway...

I took a late nap yesterday. Bad idea. It resulted in my being up til 3am. On top of not being able to sleep, my throat started to feel slightly scratchy, and I just didn't rest well. I'm married to the greatest man on earth? Have I ever told you that before? Well, I am. Every morning, it is the norm for me to awake, prepare breakfast (something not cold), pack his lunch (cold), and send him out the door. I only do not cold breakfasts to get my bottom out of the bed. So, for those who think I'm such a great wife and cook, let the curtain be pulled back. I am not a morning person, I am lazy, but I am not worthless. So knowing that I can't rely on my man pouring himself a bowl of cereal, and knowing that I can't live with having him go hungry all day, well, it gets me outta bed in the morning.
Now, there are a few mornings where I roll over, and in my most manipulative sleepy voice say, "Do you need me?" Ha, and I will say that most mornings he says, "Yes." To which I grouchily arise and head to put on my apron.
But this morning, he said, "No." Thus the reason he's the greatest man on earth. He could tell I really didn't feel all that well. I had thought I heard him packing his own lunch, but I was mistaken. I saw the belongings to my purse scattered abroad when I did get up, which only happens when he's scavenging for cash.
So, when he called to tell me he to write down a withdraw in the check register, I felt better knowing although he had had no luck in my purse, he was getting him some moolah to get him some grub. Goodbye guilt.
So, now to feed these kiddos. Well, this will do...
Leftover pizza, leftover cinnamon rolls, and a can of good ol' Ravioli :) Hope your lunch was satisfying today. It's back to the grind here.


  1. Bed always feels the best in the morning when it's time to get up!