Friday, February 25, 2011

And now for the other side of the poll...

If someone were to post, as their Facebook status update, the following statement, what would your response be?

It saddens me to think that you would choose home education for your child thinking that it could possibly be in their best interest. How will they be prepared for college?

Now, this is completely hypothetical. I've always said I understand home education isn't for everyone. Different strokes for different folks.

I just want to know how you would react to this statement being posted on a public forum by a parent who chooses public education.


  1. I wouldnt approve of that either... Who is anyone to judge anyone elses parenting methods. If the children are learning properly, then they will be prepared for school. If a parent is homeschooling, and not following a proper cirriculum, (ie, simply being lazy and doing an hour or so of work, ) then id have a problem with that. Hope that all made sense....

  2. Makes sense to me :) To generalize and group either education path all together is done so unjustly.

  3. Yeah that's hurtful, but obviously posted as a result of being uninformed on the issue. No one knows their child and how he or she thinks/learns better than a parent. That makes the parent the best person to decide how his or her child should be educated, not some random person who has no way of knowing or understanding all the extenuating circumstances that prompt certain parents to make specific decisions concerning the education of their children. So in answer to your question, I don't know that I would react publicly, but in my heart, I would be sufficiently insulted. Then again, how can you really sympathize or "feel sorry" for someone in a situation that you do not understand? Didn't someone say that "people fear what they don't understand?"