Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a quiet evening...after the pool hall was shut down...

So the last 2 weeks left us skipping our structured schooling and choosing to only dabble in reading here and there. There was testing, co-op, then makeup gym days, and co-op...well, let's just say that I know myself, and my children, too well to think that I will be a decent teacher, or that they will learn a drop of anything, when we've ran all day long.

Yesterday we awoke to a wonder world of worms outside our front door! So breakfast was quick and the school books were put off for some well-deserved worm catchin' time. I wonder what the neighbors, and their professional landscapers, thought when they saw my kids outside at 9am filling their pails with "hundreds of 'em mom"! The afternoon gave way to errands, and by the time we came home, well, the dining room table staring at worksheets just wasn't where we needed to be.

However, I knew today would be the day we would get back into our workbox groove, and hopefully, we'll school somewhat routinely until the end of May.

I knew that we would have our share of challenges today trying to get back into our routine. So at 8:30 when I was sitting at the table wondering why it was taking them so long, I was hardly surprised. However, if I'm angry mad woman, they turn into angry mad children. So I curbed my desire to spew, and got them started on their boxes. I purposely planned the first few boxes with independent work so that I could finish sewing a project. We all worked hard, had lunch, and then got back in the grind until around 2:30. I am guessing the meds I am taking for my sinus infection were the culprit for my eyes becoming too heavy to hold open, so when they both were beckoning for my attention for the next to last boxes, I totally declared it time for a movie. They watched Dinosaur, I slept. It was grand.

I awoke just in time to fix a not-s0-healthy dinner that left us full, and happy. I made homemade corndogs with fried potatoes, followed up with homemade brownies. Note to self: must make it to gym soon.

Just as I was cleaning up from dinner, Ethan and Emma began their evening ritual with a post-dinner pool game. This has been going on for about a week and half now. A few moments into it, Ethan came in covering one eye and Emma was spewing apologies. Then just a few moments later, Emma was holding her head and Ethan was stuttering excuses. "'Nuf is 'Nuf", said our patriarch, and I agreed. He gave a good talk and sent them to bed at 7pm.

This left the full pan of brownies to just me and him.

We talked, without interruption or questions, we watched some TV, he massaged my shoulder which has been aching since last Friday's volleyball game, and he slept while I caught up on some blogs.

Now it 'tis time to call it a night.

And what's that I hear?

Emma asking daddy if she can sleep with us.

Think I'll just eat another brownie.


  1. oh jamie, what a day! we've been back to the grind too, and well... patience IS a virtue, isn't it? i'm really working on becoming more virtuous. really. i have to keep things moving around here, because my kiddos scamper off at the slightest lull in planned activities. also, there is a really cute baby, who keeps tugging on my leg, saying mamamamamamama in a "pick me up, i don't like being left out" kind of way. it's getting hard to talk over that.

  2. You have an amazing family. =)

  3. Gina, yes patience is a virtue, and self-control is a fruit of the spirit...both of which I need to practice more of daily if I'm to mature in Christ...Ethan and Emma do so much better when our routine is being practiced routinely, hey and honestly, so do I, so I can't wonder why today ended with an early bedtime. Just gives them more of a reason to buckle down tomorrow and practice some patience and self-control of their own. I just finished up the chores I ignored while hanging out with Greg this evening, so I'm off to bed...Lesley, I am a blessed woman, as the movie started, and I literally was almost asleep within seconds, I was thinking just how blessed am I? How many women get to just close their eyes and nap when they need to? However, with our prayers for Buckland Baby #3 going up daily, hopefully this amazing family will grow soon and those much-needed naps will come with one of those cozy little partners...