Thursday, April 16, 2009

Calendar anyone?

So today is the 16th, huh?

Way after I posted my last blog, while chatting with other mommies, I was informed today is the 16th.

So, for those of you who I wrongfully challenged to read Proverbs 15...go that one and the 16th and call it a day!

Greg read to us yesterday, so when I picked up mine today and it had the marker at 15...well, I assumed it was the 15th and read and blogged as if it were indeed the 15th.

However - it is the 16th - so the children and I will be doing some more reading in just a few moments...and you guessed it...we'll be reading Proverbs 16!

Hope to be challenged, encouraged, uplifted, convicted, or all of the above...although I needed to hear Proverbs 15:1 today, so I'll not chalk that up to mishap!

I am thankful for a blessed day, and also thankful that it is almost time to call it a day!

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